Hanover Loom

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Treadle indicator:

  very worn in 3 sections




Weaving width:


Beam circumference:


Wood identification:






Provenance: Found in 2003 in the attic of a 1914 farmhouse (which was an addition to an earlier log cabin which was still extant) in Jefferson County, Indiana.  The former owner of the house was Anthony Rock, a German stonemason, who came to America as a young man and settled in Jefferson County by 1854.  His third wife, Susannah Lloyd, was born in Pennsylvania as were her parents.  We believe there came from Thornbury Twp, Delaware County, Pennsylvania.  They arrived in Jefferson County in the late 1830s when Susannah was only 1-2 years old, and this loom may have came west with her family.


Present location: Lobby of the Science Center, Hanover College, Hanover, Indiana.